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Below color figures of different honey bee species
drawn by J. Woyke are presented.
The genes governing the expression of body color were
designated by J. Woyke.
Apis m. ligustica             Apis m. mellifera
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In European honeybees, all three types - workers, queens and drones are of the same color.
Italian bees, A. m. ligustica are yellow banded and the  middle European bees,
A. m. mellifera are black. Gene Y governs  the expression of body color in A. m. ligustica
and gene ybl in  A. m. mellifera.
    Color figures of A. koschevnikovi
       Apis mellifera capensis    

Six Reports and Comments presented by J. Woyke at the First International  Electronic Conference on the Cape Bee Problem in South Africa,
 05 - 30 June 1995, Agric.  Res. Council  and  the Uniersity of the Witwatersrand, can be  seen here   

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